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Effects of Climatic Variations on Child Morbidity in Bundelkhand Region of India: A Panel Data Analysis


Garg, Amit; Singh, Vanita; Avashia, Vidhee; Sharma Bhati, Manju

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WP 2022-07-02


Morbidity and mortality related impacts of climate change are increasingly becoming a public health challenge especially among vulnerable groups. India has made significant progress in reducing its child mortality however there exists huge regional variations. This study focuses on Bundelkhand region, and analyses the association between climatic variables and morbidity in children. Cases reported to district health office from routine surveillance system between 2009 and 2015, and climate data are used in a fixed effects panel data regression model controlling for development indicators. The panel data regression finds that incidence of morbidity in children is significantly associated with temperature and rainfall. The significance of development indicators in reducing morbidity incidence is suggestive of the critical role of inter-sectoral coordination in achieving desired health outcomes


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