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Working Papers

A Likelihood Integrated Method for Exploratory Graphical Analysis of Change Point Problem with Directional Data
SenGupta Ashis; Laha, A. K.
A Lin-Kernighan Heuristic for Single Row Facility Layout
Kothari, Ravi; Ghosh, Diptesh
A Linear Programming Model for Optimal Water Transmission System: A Case Study for Ahmedabad
Mukherjee Shishir K; Mehta Ashok
A Logarithmic Goal Programming Approach to Develop the Utility Function for Railway Travel
Dutta, Goutam; Ghosh, Priyanko; Wanchoo, Arushi
A Lot Size Model with Discrete Transportation Costs
Gupta Omprakash K; Rao P Poornachandra
A Lower Bound on Fleet-Size in Variable-Schedule Fleet-Size Problem
Ankolekar Suresh; Patel Nitin R
A Management Perspective for Sustainable Fisheries Under Globalised Market Conditions: The Indian Scenario
Chakraborti Milindo; Datta, Samar K.
A Market Share Approach to Pricing Commodity Exports
Naik Gopal; Asopa V N
A Mathematical Programming Approach with Revenue Management in Home Loan Pricing (Revised as on 20-12-2021)
Dutta, Goutam; Natesan, Sumeetha R.; Thakur, Deepika; Tiwari, Manoj K.
2020,WP 2020-02-02
A Memory-Aided Broadcast Mechanism for Enabling a Rural Community Radio on an Ad-hoc peer-to-peer Mobile Network
Ranganathan, Kavitha ; Arora, Sonia